December 23, 2010

Little Love

She's already such a HAM!  She'll cock her head to the side and smile at you or she'll shake her head really hard and then start laughing, or (one of my favorites) she'll keep her head lowered and look up with a grin, like so...
i just love her!

And Merry, MeRrY, MERRY Christmas to YOU!

December 21, 2010

Have a Piece

Last night, Jason and I shoved our face with some humble pie.  We had a wonderful Christmas party with some friends and as we were leaving we got a phone call from Jason's lieutenant telling him to come down to the station to pick up some food as a Christmas gift!
Let me back up for a second.
We are (what I think) a very typical, young married couple with a baby, mortgage, car payment, etc.  I don't think we are above or below where we should be for this stage in our lives.  That being said, when special occasions, like Christmas, come around, you really want to pay thanks to all the people who bless you throughout the year.   Well, as we've discovered:
'paying' thanks = gift = $$$
So obviously December is a tight month for EVERYBODY!  Plus, we're going to be out of town for Christmas and I have really been trying not to go to the store and just dwindle down our pantry, so we were going on bare minimum!
Ok, now fast forward to the phone call again.
So Jason drops us off at the house, so I can put Georgia to sleep, and he heads out to pick up our food.  Now keep in mind when we are hearing this, we're expecting a small basket, or some random food that people don't buy very often.  This is where we started chowing down on some...
I found this picture on the internet and thought it was ridiculously appropriate
(side note: apparently there is a band named "Humble Pie" since I google it)
I met Jason outside when he got home just to see if he needed any help, his response, "Uhhh...yeah!"  He handed me a really heavy turkey and went back to the car to get out a HUGE box of food!  At this point we're now excited and when he opens the box, well, Christmas came early!  It was amazing! Kraft cheese blocks, cream cheese, bacon, sour cream, oreos, stuffing, starbucks coffee, etc., etc., etc!  Here is some of the stuff in our pantry:
I could have stood there and cried out of pure joy!  I mean, this stuff is amazing!
Now I'm not writing this to make you think we're some starving family, but just to be blessed in such a way right before Christmas...well... all I can say is "Thank you, Lord!"

Round Three...not really

Just thought I'd throw this out there....ANNA & LAURA...but I've done quite a few baking projects this month that would make you proud!  So although it's almost Christmas, and we're all busy, let's try to post one more seasonal baking competition.
How 'bout it ladies?!

A Vincent Christmas/Birthday

Another fun thing about December is my sweet baby's (baby #1 = Jason) birthday!  Now that I'm a mom a birthday means SO much more to me.  I loved celebrating birthdays even before, but now?!  WOW!  I am truely convinced of how amazing of a day a birthday should be.  Further more, I'm sure that our God that created us and brought us into the world would want us to FULLY celebrate! 
So we went to Sumter to visit Jason's brother, sister-in-'love', and nephew for some duck hunting, OFF THE CHARTS steaks, and lounge time!  It was great except Georgia Bean got sick and couldn't sleep the whole night (insert sad face here).
But we didn't get to see Jason's parents so they came up to see us this past week and we also celebrated Christmas!
I am well aware of how mean this might sound, but Jason and I think this picture is hilarious!  There is nothing wrong with her, she just got a little startled i think. Baaahahahahah!
But they made up
Now she's telling him everything else she really wanted for Christmas!
Merry Christmas, Colleen & Biggie!

Well, Hello There!

I am fully aware of how absent i've been with my blogging this month...I'm kind'a bummed out about how little time I've had to post stuff, because
I really do, it is such a wonderful month!  Friends and family get together more often, and everybody is a tad nicer (unless you're at the mall shopping) b/c of the 'holidays', and best of all it's
Like I said, I truely love Christmas and I'm just sad we haven't taken more pictures and documented Georgia's first holiday season a little more.  But I do have a picture I took to send to my mom and best friend (b/c she is just obsessed with Christmas as I am) of all the TUBS full of Christmas decorations poor Jason had to get down from the attic.  So if anyone has questioned my love for this beautiful holiday:
If you can count then you know there are 12 containers, 4 trash bags of wreaths or decorative flowers, and 2 bags of lights (all though only one is in the picture).  And the sad or beautiful (which ever way you want to look at this) thing is there were still a few things missing that i think i have in storage at my parents

December 15, 2010

Christmas Card

So here is the Christmas card we sent out! It was a combo of a Christmas card and a birth announcement, b/c although I had full intentions of sending out a birth announcement, all of the sudden it was Christmas and well...the rest is history.  So I'm sorry, but I'm really happy with the way it turned out!
Here she is!
The caption reads:
Warmest wishes to you and your family this Christmas Season. We are so excited to spend ours with our newest addition, Georgia Elaine! She was born April 25 and has been such a blessing in our lives.

With Love,
Jason, Jessamie & Georgia Vincent

December 3, 2010

Allie Monday Photography

I have to brag on my friends.  And one of my friends has recently taken her passion and talents and turned them into her full time job! If you already know the beautiful Allie Monday, then you fully understand everything I'm about to tell you.  For those of you that don't know her, she is an amazing photographer, a beloved friend by all she meets and a precious daughter of the King!  I have known her since college and have watched her photography grow into such amazing works of art!  I did a post a while back when she had taken some pictures of Georgia and me, but I wanted to share a few of her newer photos!
Allie lives in Anderson, SC but travels anywhere from Columbia, SC to Clarkesville, GA!
Again, I am so proud of her for pursuing what she loves and being able to take a leap of faith!
I love you, Allie!
Contact Allie, for anything you want documented; family pictures, senior pictures, etc.

Kate Spade

No this is not the start of my Christmas list (...i wish...), but this beautiful design blog i follow, just so happened to have KATE SPADE'S home photographed!!!  I'll be honest, there were only two pictures that looked like what I imagined her home to be.  Everything else was totally opposite, but I loved it!  So happy Friday and Enjoy the random-ness!

November 25, 2010


This post will be short because there are truly no words to explain how blessed I truly am.  So I would either write for 3 hours, which I won't do because the neighbors are having a dessert party (i know...awesome, right?!) or I will simply post a picture that has my beloveds.
This picture completely melts my heart into a big puddle of love-goo!

Also, thank you, for the few of you that read this!  I've so enjoyed sharing my life (mostly Georgia Bean) with all of you and having an outlet to just write!  Hope ya'll have a beautiful Thanksgiving!!!

November 23, 2010

Round Two

For our "friendly bake-off", I decided to make my CAKE COOKIE SANDWICHES! This dessert was more about the presentation then the creativity of flavor, but I love how they turned out. These are beyond easy to make, and if you want the recipe I'll be happy to share!
WARNING : If you have a party dress you are trying to look good in for the holidays I would not recommend these. But, if you are fully embracing the holidays and all their glory, here ya go!
I usually use a flavor, such as red velvet or devils food, but the yellow cake mix was on sale for almost 40 cents less. So I just pulled out my trust-ie food coloring and the always-wonderful KitchenAid.
Put the icing on the bottom layer.  And by the way, if you ever see me use icing it will ALWAYS be homemade.  I have a thing for homemade icing (thank you, mom).
Then added the top cookie.
And there ya go!
As my brother-in-law would say "I can hear the button on my pants screaming!"

Here is my competition:
(if your lost you can read about our competition here )
These amazing cookies that Anna made:       
 And this adorable cake that Laura made:

If anyone out there, besides the 3 of us, even care about our little competition, let us know what ya think!
Or give me a recipe to try next time!

November 22, 2010

Under Construction

If you can't tell, I'm updating the blog and making it a little more personal!  So just stick with me and hopefully I'll have enough time to get everything situated before THANKSGIVING!

Until then, look at this beauty!

November 18, 2010

Love'n Litchfield

This past weekend we had a fun family/friend weekend at the wonderful Litchfield (thank you, Mim and Gifford)!
The three of us
plus the three of them
Plus our sweet friend's, Harry and Whitney, who are about to have their own little family of Three!
But here is a picture of the next Vincent generation!  My mother-in-love (i stole that from somebody else) is going to love this picture.
 And of course we HAD to have bath time together! 
 While Georgia makes eyes at Uncle Thad, Shep isn't too sure about that (hahahahahah)!
A nice little stroll to the bridge
this picture of the bean cracks me UP!
 But needless to say, we were ALL exhausted and laid around whenever the kid-o's were napping
 Sleepy heads

November 11, 2010

RaNDom tHUrsDaY

I've been emailing with some girlfriend's of mine about our 2nd annual girls weekend.  One of the girls commented about it only being 57 more days and I realized that I've never shared my love of "Countdowns" with yall!
Just to name a few of the bigger things going on in our life!
Thanksgiving: 14 days
Jason's Birthday: 29 days
Charlottesville:  29 days
Georgia's First Christmas: 44 days
New Years: 50 days
Girl's Weekend: 57 days

Oh and did I tell you that this AMAZING girl got engaged to this sweet boy on Friday!
I don't know that I could be any happier for these two!
Welcome to the "circle-of-trust", Ryan (for anyone that got that reference, hahahaha)!

I have plenty of other random things floating through my head, but I'll spare you.

November 5, 2010

Better 'Advertising'

I know I already did a post about the cute things Kimberli has made for Georgia Bean, but I have to show you pictures that actually do her work justice!
told you she'd be wearing this cute thing even after Halloween!
loving the fun bibs...especially this next one
Our little Bull Dawg
I don't think I could be anymore in love with this fabric!

November 3, 2010


Let me just start by saying, if you can actually tell what Georgia is supposed to be for Halloween, you should get a prize.  At 6 months old, I didn't really see the need to go out and by some crazy costume, when she wouldn't really be able to enjoy it.  Next year she'll be a year and a half and I'm sure she'll have an opinion (if she's anything like me...).  But here she is enjoying the bucket Mimi got her while watching (yet again) the Bulldogs!
Our little love
This is the best picture we have of the two of us before heading out
Thank you to Sharon and her sweet girls for Georgia Bean's Halloween bib!
And yes, she gnawed on the handle the entire time it was in her possession.