December 21, 2010

Well, Hello There!

I am fully aware of how absent i've been with my blogging this month...I'm kind'a bummed out about how little time I've had to post stuff, because
I really do, it is such a wonderful month!  Friends and family get together more often, and everybody is a tad nicer (unless you're at the mall shopping) b/c of the 'holidays', and best of all it's
Like I said, I truely love Christmas and I'm just sad we haven't taken more pictures and documented Georgia's first holiday season a little more.  But I do have a picture I took to send to my mom and best friend (b/c she is just obsessed with Christmas as I am) of all the TUBS full of Christmas decorations poor Jason had to get down from the attic.  So if anyone has questioned my love for this beautiful holiday:
If you can count then you know there are 12 containers, 4 trash bags of wreaths or decorative flowers, and 2 bags of lights (all though only one is in the picture).  And the sad or beautiful (which ever way you want to look at this) thing is there were still a few things missing that i think i have in storage at my parents

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