May 5, 2011

The View

As of lately when we see our little Bean this is all we see.  A curley headed, walking little TODDLER!

So crazy, but so cute!
And we're having her first birthday party on Saturday!!!

May 4, 2011


I should have known I wouldn't let myself get away with only two Easter pictures.  We had so many cute ones that day, so here they are.
You have been warned.
Wardrobe change into the Crocs, from the pretty sandals = play time!

Georgia "helping" cousin Shep with his animal crackers, haha!

Love'n Life

Things are good and things are busy.
But we are loving life right now.  It's almost summer and it already feels like it is.
So here is what we've been up to since April 14!

April 15:
Rehearsal and Dinner for this amazing lady in white, not to mention spending the whole weekend with one the BEST and it was amazing!

April 16:
One of the most awesome couples got married, and we all celebrated,
 and my superman made it on 4 hours of sleep,
April 23:
Georgia's friend, Essie, had her first birthday party!  Essie is two days younger than Georgia so it's so special for them to get to be at these special occasions for each other.

April 24:
Georgia's first Easter.  And it was so sweet!  Church with the Vincent Grandparents and the picnic lunch at Alhambra Hall in Mt. Pleasant.

The weather was amazing and Georgie loved the Easter eggs! Is is wrong that we still pull them out everyday to play with them? Don't worry, they're plastic.

April 25:

April 30:
Cute little munchkin has the start of an ear infection ... insert a big 'ol sad face right here.

May 3:
The worst day of the ear infection.  Does somebody look ridiculously sleep?

There are just too many cute Easter pictures, so I'm doing another post