December 21, 2010

A Vincent Christmas/Birthday

Another fun thing about December is my sweet baby's (baby #1 = Jason) birthday!  Now that I'm a mom a birthday means SO much more to me.  I loved celebrating birthdays even before, but now?!  WOW!  I am truely convinced of how amazing of a day a birthday should be.  Further more, I'm sure that our God that created us and brought us into the world would want us to FULLY celebrate! 
So we went to Sumter to visit Jason's brother, sister-in-'love', and nephew for some duck hunting, OFF THE CHARTS steaks, and lounge time!  It was great except Georgia Bean got sick and couldn't sleep the whole night (insert sad face here).
But we didn't get to see Jason's parents so they came up to see us this past week and we also celebrated Christmas!
I am well aware of how mean this might sound, but Jason and I think this picture is hilarious!  There is nothing wrong with her, she just got a little startled i think. Baaahahahahah!
But they made up
Now she's telling him everything else she really wanted for Christmas!
Merry Christmas, Colleen & Biggie!

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