November 1, 2010

Shout Out's and Challenges

Georgia and I went trick or treating in Clarkesville this weekend (pictures to come) and when we travel on the weekends I usually don't check the computer.  So imagine my surprise when first thing Monday morning I find out the beautiful Julia at Black Tag Diaries  listed me as one of her 7 blogs worthy of reading!  So, YAY!  Her blog is awesome and i'm pretty sure i'm about to start doing the "top 2 tuesday" that she does.

Another 'surprise' I saw was Anna CHALLENGING me to a bake-off!  After my post about my cupcakes she took it upon herself to 'up the ante' (if you will).  I'm not sure what i'm doing next, but, it's got to beat these adorable little things!  So this might consume me for the next few days, hahaha!  Hey, Anna, is it against the rules to ask others bloggers for help?!  Either way....

1 comment:

  1. Yes, you can ask other bloggers... I look forward to this "challenge"..haha!! :) :) ~Anna