November 25, 2010


This post will be short because there are truly no words to explain how blessed I truly am.  So I would either write for 3 hours, which I won't do because the neighbors are having a dessert party (i know...awesome, right?!) or I will simply post a picture that has my beloveds.
This picture completely melts my heart into a big puddle of love-goo!

Also, thank you, for the few of you that read this!  I've so enjoyed sharing my life (mostly Georgia Bean) with all of you and having an outlet to just write!  Hope ya'll have a beautiful Thanksgiving!!!

November 23, 2010

Round Two

For our "friendly bake-off", I decided to make my CAKE COOKIE SANDWICHES! This dessert was more about the presentation then the creativity of flavor, but I love how they turned out. These are beyond easy to make, and if you want the recipe I'll be happy to share!
WARNING : If you have a party dress you are trying to look good in for the holidays I would not recommend these. But, if you are fully embracing the holidays and all their glory, here ya go!
I usually use a flavor, such as red velvet or devils food, but the yellow cake mix was on sale for almost 40 cents less. So I just pulled out my trust-ie food coloring and the always-wonderful KitchenAid.
Put the icing on the bottom layer.  And by the way, if you ever see me use icing it will ALWAYS be homemade.  I have a thing for homemade icing (thank you, mom).
Then added the top cookie.
And there ya go!
As my brother-in-law would say "I can hear the button on my pants screaming!"

Here is my competition:
(if your lost you can read about our competition here )
These amazing cookies that Anna made:       
 And this adorable cake that Laura made:

If anyone out there, besides the 3 of us, even care about our little competition, let us know what ya think!
Or give me a recipe to try next time!

November 22, 2010

Under Construction

If you can't tell, I'm updating the blog and making it a little more personal!  So just stick with me and hopefully I'll have enough time to get everything situated before THANKSGIVING!

Until then, look at this beauty!

November 18, 2010

Love'n Litchfield

This past weekend we had a fun family/friend weekend at the wonderful Litchfield (thank you, Mim and Gifford)!
The three of us
plus the three of them
Plus our sweet friend's, Harry and Whitney, who are about to have their own little family of Three!
But here is a picture of the next Vincent generation!  My mother-in-love (i stole that from somebody else) is going to love this picture.
 And of course we HAD to have bath time together! 
 While Georgia makes eyes at Uncle Thad, Shep isn't too sure about that (hahahahahah)!
A nice little stroll to the bridge
this picture of the bean cracks me UP!
 But needless to say, we were ALL exhausted and laid around whenever the kid-o's were napping
 Sleepy heads

November 11, 2010

RaNDom tHUrsDaY

I've been emailing with some girlfriend's of mine about our 2nd annual girls weekend.  One of the girls commented about it only being 57 more days and I realized that I've never shared my love of "Countdowns" with yall!
Just to name a few of the bigger things going on in our life!
Thanksgiving: 14 days
Jason's Birthday: 29 days
Charlottesville:  29 days
Georgia's First Christmas: 44 days
New Years: 50 days
Girl's Weekend: 57 days

Oh and did I tell you that this AMAZING girl got engaged to this sweet boy on Friday!
I don't know that I could be any happier for these two!
Welcome to the "circle-of-trust", Ryan (for anyone that got that reference, hahahaha)!

I have plenty of other random things floating through my head, but I'll spare you.

November 5, 2010

Better 'Advertising'

I know I already did a post about the cute things Kimberli has made for Georgia Bean, but I have to show you pictures that actually do her work justice!
told you she'd be wearing this cute thing even after Halloween!
loving the fun bibs...especially this next one
Our little Bull Dawg
I don't think I could be anymore in love with this fabric!

November 3, 2010


Let me just start by saying, if you can actually tell what Georgia is supposed to be for Halloween, you should get a prize.  At 6 months old, I didn't really see the need to go out and by some crazy costume, when she wouldn't really be able to enjoy it.  Next year she'll be a year and a half and I'm sure she'll have an opinion (if she's anything like me...).  But here she is enjoying the bucket Mimi got her while watching (yet again) the Bulldogs!
Our little love
This is the best picture we have of the two of us before heading out
Thank you to Sharon and her sweet girls for Georgia Bean's Halloween bib!
And yes, she gnawed on the handle the entire time it was in her possession.


I'm pretty proud of this little girl's new accomplishment.  She's sprouted a beautiful little pair of pearly whites.
{Hey Mom!}

But she isn't always so excited to show them off when we try to move her lip
{Seriously, my mouth is MINE}

But then she just starts bouncing and...Viola!
Money Shot!

November 1, 2010

Encouraging Nudge

As I sit here stuffing my face with all the left over candy corn while the pumpkin candles burn, I realized I forgot to show you the little project I accomplished this weekend.  Thanks to seeing all the other cute projects people in the blog world do, I figure I should at least try ONE!

I made some flower headbands for the Bean and me (yes, they match...she might hate me later for that).  Emily, over at Jones Design Company has a step by step process of how to make the flowers (if you check it out, don't be surprised if you see Georgie in a variation of that shirt very soon).  I just figured out how to get them secured on the headbands.  I'm actually really impressed with myself at how they turned out!

Shout Out's and Challenges

Georgia and I went trick or treating in Clarkesville this weekend (pictures to come) and when we travel on the weekends I usually don't check the computer.  So imagine my surprise when first thing Monday morning I find out the beautiful Julia at Black Tag Diaries  listed me as one of her 7 blogs worthy of reading!  So, YAY!  Her blog is awesome and i'm pretty sure i'm about to start doing the "top 2 tuesday" that she does.

Another 'surprise' I saw was Anna CHALLENGING me to a bake-off!  After my post about my cupcakes she took it upon herself to 'up the ante' (if you will).  I'm not sure what i'm doing next, but, it's got to beat these adorable little things!  So this might consume me for the next few days, hahaha!  Hey, Anna, is it against the rules to ask others bloggers for help?!  Either way....