July 31, 2010

First Outing...to the Doctor

Already wanting to play dress up with my 5 day old, I put her in the most impractical outfit to go to the doctor ever...but she looked SO cute! Jason just shakes his head.  Since then we have resorted to onesies or p.j. gowns. 
But we came home and got comfy again

First Bath

This was quite an experience; a rushed, nervous, loud-with-crying experience.  Bath time has become DRASTICALLY better and she now LOVES being in the water.  she's even started to splash and startle herself, hahaha! SO cute!

July 30, 2010


Ok, I'm very aware of how slack I have been on keeping up with our blog...especially since we've had "kind-of" a MAJOR event happen! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Ok, so now that we've gotten that over with, Jason and I are so incredibly in love with the most beautiful little blue eyed beauty to ever be put on this earth! I really never understood the amount of love that our friends had for their little ones until our Georgia Bean arrived. I'm totally obsessed (in a healthy way, haha). All that to say between packing away all of Georgia's clothes she's already out grown (yes, she is already in her 6 month outfits), and trying to pack away my maternity clothes this weekend, I am VOWING to play catch up with all the pictures we've taken of the Bean! Just don't be disappointed if I don't write as much!

July 5, 2010

4th of July

July 4th turned out to be a lot of fun this year.  We weren't planning on much since Georgia was so young and Jason had to work.  Every year the neighborhood of downtown Newberry has a Children's Parade on Harper Street where all the little kids ride their bike or sit in the wagon while their parents or older sibling pull them.  Jason happened to be working the parade so we went to visit dad and watch instead of walking.  Also, our wonderful neighbors, Fred & Debbie, had their whole family in town and invited us to be apart of it!  I, being the wonderful mother that I am, forgot the camera, but luckily our friends had theirs.

Yes, Oliva is 6 months older than Ga, but you'd never know by Ga's size!
Ga's twin, Lyla Grace!