January 19, 2009

Ski Trip 2009

So we just got back from an awesome ski trip up in Beech Mountain, NC. We had so much fun! This was actually our first time skiing and playing in the snow together. And, yes, there were definitely snow fights. Everybody had a blast, a little sore, but a LOT of fun. OH, and we had about 6 inches of snow in one day! Thanks again Jenkins!

Christmas with the Vincents

Catch up!

So in the past month we've had a lot of fun things happen! jason's birthday, Miriam Gregorie was born, Christmas, New years! So here are a few pictures of each!

Jason's Birthday

Miriam King Gregorie

January 4, 2009

So we we just had our first Christmas and New Year as newly weds! We had such a good time with everybody coming in town and celebrating with everyone. Hopefully we'll get some pictures up soon. Hope you all had a great holiday!