November 18, 2010

Love'n Litchfield

This past weekend we had a fun family/friend weekend at the wonderful Litchfield (thank you, Mim and Gifford)!
The three of us
plus the three of them
Plus our sweet friend's, Harry and Whitney, who are about to have their own little family of Three!
But here is a picture of the next Vincent generation!  My mother-in-love (i stole that from somebody else) is going to love this picture.
 And of course we HAD to have bath time together! 
 While Georgia makes eyes at Uncle Thad, Shep isn't too sure about that (hahahahahah)!
A nice little stroll to the bridge
this picture of the bean cracks me UP!
 But needless to say, we were ALL exhausted and laid around whenever the kid-o's were napping
 Sleepy heads

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