December 21, 2010

Have a Piece

Last night, Jason and I shoved our face with some humble pie.  We had a wonderful Christmas party with some friends and as we were leaving we got a phone call from Jason's lieutenant telling him to come down to the station to pick up some food as a Christmas gift!
Let me back up for a second.
We are (what I think) a very typical, young married couple with a baby, mortgage, car payment, etc.  I don't think we are above or below where we should be for this stage in our lives.  That being said, when special occasions, like Christmas, come around, you really want to pay thanks to all the people who bless you throughout the year.   Well, as we've discovered:
'paying' thanks = gift = $$$
So obviously December is a tight month for EVERYBODY!  Plus, we're going to be out of town for Christmas and I have really been trying not to go to the store and just dwindle down our pantry, so we were going on bare minimum!
Ok, now fast forward to the phone call again.
So Jason drops us off at the house, so I can put Georgia to sleep, and he heads out to pick up our food.  Now keep in mind when we are hearing this, we're expecting a small basket, or some random food that people don't buy very often.  This is where we started chowing down on some...
I found this picture on the internet and thought it was ridiculously appropriate
(side note: apparently there is a band named "Humble Pie" since I google it)
I met Jason outside when he got home just to see if he needed any help, his response, "Uhhh...yeah!"  He handed me a really heavy turkey and went back to the car to get out a HUGE box of food!  At this point we're now excited and when he opens the box, well, Christmas came early!  It was amazing! Kraft cheese blocks, cream cheese, bacon, sour cream, oreos, stuffing, starbucks coffee, etc., etc., etc!  Here is some of the stuff in our pantry:
I could have stood there and cried out of pure joy!  I mean, this stuff is amazing!
Now I'm not writing this to make you think we're some starving family, but just to be blessed in such a way right before Christmas...well... all I can say is "Thank you, Lord!"

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