August 31, 2010

Day Dreaming...but at Night

Somehow or another, I could not sleep last night.  Why that statement would come out of any one's mouth with a 4 month old is beyond me (I say that, but the Bean is an awesome sleeper).  So I started day 11:30 at night about randomness and somehow my thoughts got to me thinking how much I would LOVE the combination of:
the CupCake store
(red velvet of course)
...just a thought...


When I start shopping / browsing the internet it's almost like my computer knows who I am.  I feel like the cutest things for little girls just magically appear on my screen...crazy! Anyway, I can get into a LOT of trouble when looking on Etsy.  Especially now that I found the Sparkleberry Crafts site!
The woven hats this seller makes are SO cute and I should probably start saving my money now for all the hats I'm going to want Georgia to have once this miserably hot Summer decides to make way for Fall!
And my obsession with yellow and turquoise continue

August 30, 2010

Loving the Big Green Egg

No, this isn't another nick name we have for Georgia.  This is Jason's grill/smoker/magical cooker (he'd probably kill me if he knew i referred to it as a magical cooker, hahaha).  When he first got it, I have to admit, I was very hesitant when he started listing off all the things he could cook on it (especially pizza).  Needless to say, he has amazed me once again with his skills.  In my opinion, he's one of the best outdoor cooks i know (and if you know my dad, you know this is a HUGE compliment)!
He has wowed me with pizza
and chili
as well as ribs, wings, chicken, etc.  He cooks the amazing-ness and I just take the pictures.
My husband is the Cat's Pajamas!

I Can...but I Can't!

There is a website that I was introduced to when I was pregnant called "Oh Dee Doh".  It is quite possibly the cutest site I have ever been to that has baby/children ideas, tips, DIY projects, and helpful advice.  And the best part (for me) is it's all modern!  Everything is up-to-date, but still keeps the old ideas in mind.  Visit the site and you'll see what I mean. 
But when I checked it out today, there was this precious play kitchen with items from Ikea!  I know many people have their 'opinions' about Ikea, but I stink'n LOVE it!  Especially when you need something that's trendy or short term (because lets be honest, you're probably not passing this stuff down to the grand kids).
ANYWAY, I just loved these pictures of these play kitchens.  Hopefully Grandpa and Uncle Marsh will build something like this for Georgia one day (hint hint).  So although I can wait for her to be this old, I can't wait for her to have her own play kitchen!

The Teething Suction Cup

Last night was one of the funnier moments I've had in this 4 1/4 months of motherhood.  I feed Georgia around 7 and she's usually so tired from play throughout the day that once that bottle is finished she gets "the Itis" as jason calls it.  The 'itis' is a term he uses often that means: you're really full and all you want to do is go to sleep.  (my gosh, I love that man) 
But every now and then she'll have gas or have a little bit more energy left in her and while i'm rocking her she'll just start "talking" or pushing on me with her little feet.  Well last night was a combination of both.  Then jerked her self back far enough where she got her face turned to mine and before I knew it
she had latched on to my chin.  Now this may look all cute and harmless, but the girl's got some strong jaws!  It was a combo of gumming and sucking my chin off.  So although this is supposed to be a calm and restfull time, I couldn't help it, I DIED laughing!  I called for Jason and he came rushing in and cracked up too!  We pryed her off my chin and Jason held her up to his chin (b/c of course he wanted to feel it too) and she imidiately latched back on! hahahahahaha
I think it's safe to say...SOMEBODY is teething!


As I informed you we went to Charleston when the Bean was 3 weeks old.  She got to meet so many people that we love dearly, but I just found this picture of when she met sweet Elizabeth.  For those of you that don't know her, she is amazing, but if something awkwardly funny is going to will happen to Elizabeth!  So when she went to hold Georgia for the first time this is what happened:

Eating in a Diaper

Here are a couple of pictures that Jason took while I was trying (being a key word) to feed Georgia! Needless to say a bib and a diaper seemed to be the best 'outfit' for this occasion.  Hilarious and such determination! LOVE!

I will DO THIS!

August 28, 2010

Vacuuming the Foot!

Ok, this was hilarious to me!  She loves watching me dry my hair in the mornings and doesn't mind the noise, so I just thought, why not try the vacuum too! She loved it! Watched my every move and even laughed some, but I started to vacuum off her toy and then her feet...she LOVED it! hahahaha she squealed at high decibels I hadn't heard come out of her yet! The lighting in the video is bad but you can her here squealing, so cute! ENJOY!

August 27, 2010

4 Months

This has been a pretty big week for the Bean!  She turned 4 months on Wednesday, tried eating rice cereal for the first time (although I think we're going to put that on the back burner for a few more weeks), and had her 4 month check-up.  For those of you that are relatively new parents still, you remember this is another appointment with shots.  Great.  Last time Georgia got shots I cried more than she did.  Seriously!  Jason and I were both standing there and after she let out her first welp i just lost it.  I could still talk normal but tears were just running out of my eyeballs! It was crazy.  But I have to brag on my little champ because she might have cried for about 20 seconds before she was back to smiling! Love her!  And although I keep referring to Georgia as our "little" girl, she is quite the opposite.  Weighing in at a whopping 17.12 lbs and 24 3/4 inches tall!  Her weight is in the 97th% and height is 95th% and we couldn't be happier!!!  One more thing, our awesome friends Adam & Louise came over for dinner the other night and just showed up with their 9 month old's "Exersaucer" / "Play yard" (or whatever they're supposed to be called) for Georgia!!! LOVE THEM!
I was such a CHAMP at the doctor today!  And yes, mom is already shoving bows in my hair...
This isn't my "Exersaucer", but it's the one I play in when I'm with Mrs. Heather, and I love it!
I'm not pulling up quite yet, but Daddy put my hands up here and could hold on all by myself!

August 25, 2010

Good, GREAT Friends

I know I always put posts about Georgia and how she's doing or what Jason and I might be up to, but I realize I hardly ever write about how amazing our friends are.  We both have such an amazing group of people around us, including our family.  I recently went on a road trip with Laura Lee to Charlottesville to visit Anna (for those of you that knew us in college, you know this is probably road trip #257,894 - hahaha).  These are two of the most amazing women I know on the planet.  They are two of my best friends from college and they're the kind of friends I pray Georgia will know and have her own of one day.  In the middle of laughing at/with each other at 1:00 in the morning, we stopped and agreed...WE'RE FAMILY!  I've said it before and it's even more true to me now, I have the most AMAZING group of girlfriends I think it's possible to have.  They have seen me through times of joy and times I don't care to revisit, but each and everyone of them have been my personal prayer warriors.  All of them constantly challenged, encouraged, supported, and love unconditionally by all these girls.  They also continue to teach me and help me grow into the woman that I know God is calling me to be.  Proverbs 27:17 says "Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend."  I truly believe this.  Sometimes A lot of the time it's hard for me to grasp how God could have given me these girls.  Only by His grace and mercy have I been so blessed.  Now, I don't have sisters, but I can only imagine that my girls are as good as it gets!  I know we've all heard this verse since childhood, but when I think about my friends I always remember this verse, Proverbs 18:24,  "...and a friend sticks closer than a brother." 
So from the bottom of my heart, thank you girls, for making sure my world is always full of laughter, love, and a life-time full of memories!


Allie (Allison) Monday is amazing and amazing at what she does!  If you read the post above this one then you know how much i love her and how unbelievably talented we think she is.  Here is just one of the pictures she took of Georgia bean.  Also, here is the link to her blog with some of the other pictures she took.  Be sure and check out the rest of the site! 

Adult Time

So we left our little bean for the first time on August 6!  It was only for one night, but I can promise you, it felt like the whole weekend.  We went to Atlanta (one of my favorite places) with some of our good friends!  I LOVED this because I was able to show them around a little bit and revisit some places I had really missed since living there almost 5 years ago.  It's crazy how time flies!  First stop...THE VARSITY!  Shay and Catherine had watched something on the Travel Channel about the Varsity, so they were really excited to go and I was more than excited to take my husband, the 'cheeseburger conosoure'.  Then they wanted to see Underground so we made a (short) trip downtown.  Then back to one of my favorite streets, Highland Ave. We shopped and pub crawled the rest of the afternoon until time for the Braves game that night.  Tom Glavin got his jersey retired and we got soaking wet but had a blast!  The next day we went to White Water and had some more fun!  Great Pre-Birthday Weekend!

August 10, 2010

August 10!!!

What a wonderful day this day has become!  Not only is it my birthday (!!!!!!!!!!!) but it's now the day that our Bean ROLLED OVER for the first time!  She not only rolled over once, she continued and ended up rolling over 6 times!!!  I think somebody is ready to be on the move.  Needless to say i have been beaming all day and I'm acting like she just conquered the WORLD! She kind of did though.  Anyway, our good friend, Heather, was amazing enough to catch the last roll on camera. (notice how she immediately crams her hand in her mouth, hahahaha)
So, Happy Birthday to me; And Georgia, Mom and Dad are SO proud of you!!!!

August 1, 2010

Georgia in Georgia

So naturally we had to take Georgia to GEORGIA as soon as possible!
Hudson's first birthday party!!!  Cannot believe he's one!

First Trip!

So at 3 weeks old (yes, i know we're out of our minds) we decided to take the Bean to Charleston.  This is such an important place to Jason, I just can't wait to take her back when she can really enjoy it!