July 10, 2009

Police Academy

Jason is about to start his last week at the Police Academy on Monday! He has graduation on Friday, the 17th. I'm just so proud of him and all his endurance. He's been amazing and steady through out this whole process. The Lord has been wonderful and faithful to both of us during these 10 weeks! Just continue to pray for us during his last week at the academy and starting this new job as we both adjust to another new schedule. Thank ya'll for also being the faithful friends and family that we know the Lord has provided for us. Much love.

Hudson Michael Brown & July 4th!

Jason and I just had another awesome July 4th (the first one being on our honeymoon)! We were able to go to Big Canoe, thank you David & Barbara, and spend so great time with some of my best college girl friends. It's just really awesome to sit back and look at how different all of our lives are, but instead of drifting apart, we just feed off each other even more. Just taking each other and really learning all we can from each other's adventures and trials. They are some really amazing women! Jason had a great time too. He got to hang out with the husband/fiance/boyfriend of the other girls, and of course, they all got along great! One of the highlights though was meeting baby Hud!!! He is just amazing! It's really cool to see him and our nephew, Shep, going through the same stages, although Hudson was almost 2 lbs. bigger than Shep! They already have different things they like and different personalities. GOSH, we love those boys!!!
Hudson Michael Brown

July 1, 2009

Shepherd Cole Vincent

On June 6, we welcomed our adorable nephew, Shep, into the world. His middle name is from his uncle Jason's middle name, which Jason was so excited about. We love him so much already! I got to give him his first full formula bottle (thanks, Thad) the other day and he was such a champ!
Week 2