January 3, 2011

I'm Dreaming...

...of a White Christmas...
And we got one! I really couldn't believe it.  My dad is usually spot on with what the weather is going to do and he fully predicted there would be snow, almost down to the minute.  Yes, he's amazing like that.  And sure enough...there it came!
So, the two kids...I mean Dad and Jason, had to go outside and build a snowman the second there was enough snow on the ground!  Which is funny because you can still see some green in the background.
My sweet Daddy
And my sweet Hubs, making the best snowman in the world for his daughter!  The cool thing is, this was Jason's first snowman, too.  Charleston doesn't quite have the snow Habersham gets.
But we stayed warm inside
...then she started to stare daddy down while he made the snowman...
admiring their work
Now we could show Georgie the snow and her snowman!

Georgia cracks me up in this picture, she's so curious!

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