January 27, 2011

9 months

Our sweet baby is 9 months now...and every bit a 9 month old!  She is into everything, loves being active and laughs all the time.  well, 'all the time' might be an exaggeration...she's continuing to get more teeth, already has 4!  Jason calls them hippo teeth, and honestly, i can't disagree! hahaha, the cutest hippo teeth on the planet!  She pulls up on anything possible...her toys, pant legs, coffee table, etc.  She is getting super brave by letting go and trying to balance for as long as possible.  And let me tell you, she is VERY pleased with herself when she stand there for a while.  hahahaha, i could cry at how much this makes the 3 of us laugh!  {note to self: must try to video}
We took some pictures during dinner on the day she hit 9 months, and sure enough, she hammed it up for us!
oh, and if you can't tell, the curls are coming in pretty good
 pure l.o.v.e.
"See all four of my teeth?!"