January 3, 2011

Burp Cloths

So I stole another brilliant idea from Jones Design Company...the burp cloth!
Let's be honest with each other, you can only make burp cloths so cute; monogram, ribbon, etc.
But these are seriously adorable!  So I tried my hand at one (my mom helped a tad since it's her sewing machine) and...

All the good things about these burp cloths:
You can decide on the fabric you LOVE!
You don't have to use white backing if you don't want every little thing to show up.
You can make it as long or wide as you want.
You have one more reason to be ridiculously cute fabric!
(oh, wait...i think I already mentioned the fabric thing)

p.s. don't be surprised if you see Georgia's whole 1st birthday planned around this fabric!

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