February 18, 2011


I was so refreshed and so thankful at the words of encouragement I receieved from my post about anxiety.  The comments, texts, and voicemails I got were so needed and appriciated and I honestly feel rejuvinated!  I've actually caught myslef saying "It is what it is" a LOT.  Those of you that know me well know I get stuck on phrases in phases (say that three times fast): "SHUT UP!" or "I'm just saying..." or the worst one ever was "you BRAT!" if somebody got to do something I didn't.  (My friend, Anna, cringed everytime I said that one.)  But I think I found a new one

"It is what it is"

Again, thank yall for you sweet, sweet words!
Plus I figured out a way to make blogging easier on me.  I can actually send pictures from my phone to my blog album, so although you might not be seeing too many 'quality' pictures from me at least you'll see pictures!
* L o V E *

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