February 2, 2011


I have many random things to share today...but that's the point of a blog right?!
First of all, my brother got the most adorable puppy you've ever seen!
His name is copper and he is a chocolate lab. I will own one of these one day (mark my words).

 A few weeks ago, when I mentioned our little road trip and having the new car seat, we were headed to the beautiful Beaufort, SC, where Jason's parents live.  It was much needed family time with aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and even the cousin-in-the-oven!  Yep, Georgie is going to have another cousin to play with and actually they just found they're having boy #2!!! We are so excited for them and I just can't wait to meet this new little baby on June 6!
 So this past weekend was gorgeous! It was unseasonably warm; sun shining-birds singing-people walking-WARM!  So I made the decision that my girl and I were going to be outside as much as possible.  Now, as much as I love our stroller, sometimes when your by yourself it just seems unnecessary. Unnecessary b/c getting in and out of stores is harder and b/c I feel like we're hanging out together a little more when I'm holding her.  So this weekend...I RE-DISCOVERED THE SLING!!!
It was incredible!  I haven't used it in months b/c she doesn't lay in our arms anymore!  But it works like a dream and the Bean LoVeD it!  I snapped a quick shot with my phone before we headed out.
 And then another quick pic with the phone because her Grandpa wanted a picture with all four of her teeth showing!
My gosh, I love this girl!
That's all, I think...
happy Wednesday!


  1. Jessamie-

    I just found your sweet blog, and Thank You for having mine on your blog roll. What a precious little girl you have and I love your small business- isn't it so fun? Also- are y'all in Newberry? Some of my fave little antique stores are there...what a sweet town!


  2. Hey Caroline! I love your blog, so you are so welcome! Lara told me about you and i love your stuff! I have loved doing bird and branch! seriously, it's been so fun. And yes, we're in newberry, not too far from cola. But, I've had some great luck in this one place that looks like a run down house!