February 2, 2011

Check Up

I have a MAJOR love-hate relationship with Georgia's doctors appointments.  Thankfully we've only had wellness check ups (with the exception of one).  And I really and truly thank the LORD for that!
I love them, because I get to hear those two magic words come out of the doctor's mouth: "She's perfect."  You just never know...ya know!?  For anybody on their first kid, I hope you're agreeing with me, but if not...well...just don't read anymore.
But you just read what you can read in books and on the internet and hope you're best is the best.  You don't really know if they're growing at a normal rate, developing at a normal rate, doing LIFE at a normal rate...until those wellness check ups.  So, yes, I absolutely adore the moment I walk in, tell our doctor way more than she needs to know, and hear those two wonderful words.
Then I hate it, because at the end of each appointment she has gotten a shot in her sweet little kissable, hugable, lovable thigh {insert sad face here}and it just kills me to see her cry because she's in pain...I hear this never gets easier though.
So needless to say, I didn't get a picture today.
But she's a tall 29 1/2 inches (98%)
and has only gained 1 pound at 23.14 lbs. (93%)
She's perfect!

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