February 19, 2011

It's Offical

My sweet little Bean has her moma's curly hair.  I think I'm excited about this because baby curls are the cutest things EVER!  But I am also already sympathizing with her because I know what the middle school and high school years hold for her... a lot of trial and error with a hair dryer and a straightener
I just adore this sweet hair...mmmmuah!
.....at this moment I'm trying to find a not so horrible picture of me from high school (middle school pictures are out of the question!!!).....
Note: I have cropped out others b/c it's not my place to embarrass them the way i'm embarrassing myself.

Could my hair have poofed anymore?  And you can't see it, but I have on a hemp necklace...
Homecoming...oh sweet homecoming
I seemed to have taken a few steps back in progression this day.  But I did have my nails 'did' for homecoming the next day...
Not the greatest pic, but at least you can tell it's getting a little better still
Rained all day, and although I would have loved to have straightened my hair...I had to let the curls flow
ok, ok... here's one from middle school

I hope my embarrassment contributed to your great weekend!

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