August 30, 2010

The Teething Suction Cup

Last night was one of the funnier moments I've had in this 4 1/4 months of motherhood.  I feed Georgia around 7 and she's usually so tired from play throughout the day that once that bottle is finished she gets "the Itis" as jason calls it.  The 'itis' is a term he uses often that means: you're really full and all you want to do is go to sleep.  (my gosh, I love that man) 
But every now and then she'll have gas or have a little bit more energy left in her and while i'm rocking her she'll just start "talking" or pushing on me with her little feet.  Well last night was a combination of both.  Then jerked her self back far enough where she got her face turned to mine and before I knew it
she had latched on to my chin.  Now this may look all cute and harmless, but the girl's got some strong jaws!  It was a combo of gumming and sucking my chin off.  So although this is supposed to be a calm and restfull time, I couldn't help it, I DIED laughing!  I called for Jason and he came rushing in and cracked up too!  We pryed her off my chin and Jason held her up to his chin (b/c of course he wanted to feel it too) and she imidiately latched back on! hahahahahaha
I think it's safe to say...SOMEBODY is teething!

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