August 25, 2010

Adult Time

So we left our little bean for the first time on August 6!  It was only for one night, but I can promise you, it felt like the whole weekend.  We went to Atlanta (one of my favorite places) with some of our good friends!  I LOVED this because I was able to show them around a little bit and revisit some places I had really missed since living there almost 5 years ago.  It's crazy how time flies!  First stop...THE VARSITY!  Shay and Catherine had watched something on the Travel Channel about the Varsity, so they were really excited to go and I was more than excited to take my husband, the 'cheeseburger conosoure'.  Then they wanted to see Underground so we made a (short) trip downtown.  Then back to one of my favorite streets, Highland Ave. We shopped and pub crawled the rest of the afternoon until time for the Braves game that night.  Tom Glavin got his jersey retired and we got soaking wet but had a blast!  The next day we went to White Water and had some more fun!  Great Pre-Birthday Weekend!

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