March 17, 2011

Product Thursday

I've decided that us lady's need to help each other out.  Men have tons of website to read about electronics, guns, fishing equipment, bikes, etc., etc., etc.
But I feel like women are different.  We want a first hand opinion on what our firend's, cousin's, sister's thought about a product.  Not to mention if we can learn from someone elses mistake, how great is that!
Ok, all that to say every now and then i might start posting a product that i LOVE or hate, just in case I might be helping someone out!
First up, the dreaded sippy cup!
I've been through 3.  Playtex was one, and I can't remember the other two off the top of my head, but they're in the garbage.  That's right, I didn't even save them for back ups.
Georgia has used Dr. Brown's bottles since the day she was born and we've had great success.  Some mom's don't like them because of "all the parts" but we loved them!  The parts really weren't an issue if that's all you ever know.  So when I read that Dr. Brown's also made sippy cups....SWOON!
I have seriously loved this thing.  NO leaks, NO spills, NO breaking.  I never thought I could love a sippy cup this much, but I do!
Hope this really helps somebody!
Oh and happy St. Patty's Day!

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