March 30, 2011

In a nutshell

I'm not really sure where this past few weeks have gone so I'm just going to wrap it up...

March 12
Baby Shower for the sweetest Emily on the planet! I love her and her baby so much.  I can't wait to meet Baby Y!  She did a post on her blog, so I'll let her do the talking {just know the feelings are ditto!}
March 18-20
We celebrated this Q-te in white getting married on April 16! Another trip to SSI?  Don't mind if I do!
I could not say enough about Laura.  She is by far one of the most incredible people I've ever met.  I cannot wait to be a part of her wedding!

The same weekend, Jason took Georgie to Sumter to visit her cousin Shep!  Yes, he is 11 1/2 months older than her...

March 22
Three days before Georgia hits the 11 month mark!
The weather got so nice that we've been trying to be outside as much as possible lately.
I wish I had this in video.  G was dancing back and forth the whole time.  She loves being on Da-da's shoulders!

And, she's way to busy for mom's kisses...

March 25
We { I } celebrated Bird & Branch being 6 months & Georgie being 11 months!!!!  with a fun trip to Ikea!

March 27
Then the sick baby junk set in... and let me just say, I wouldn't wish a sick baby on my WORST enemy (... if I have any).  Ok, and I'm not bragging, I promise, but Georgia is such a good sleeper.  When we put her down around 8ish she doesn't wake up until about 7.  That's every night.  So when she started waking up at night whining, we knew something wasn't right.  Anyway, after 3 sleepless nights and a fever that spiked to 103.1, we took G to the ER to get checked out at 1am.  We got home at 6 am with three negative results for pneumonia, UTI, and the flu.  But, as thankful as we still doesn't help us figure out why in the world she had a fever that high.   

Monday was no better, except the fever never got that high again, but Jason and I still weren't satisfied.  Thankfully, we're super annoying first time parents that insisted on calling the doctor again to let them know something still wasn't right and we needed to come see them, AGAIN!  Well we took her back yesterday, they did tests on her for strep, mono, etc. they found out that her white blood cell count was too high so we took her back for an antibiotic shot. she slept much better last night and woke up without a fever now! so yay!
Prayers are always welcomed in this household!

So, yeah, that's our life the past few weeks!  I really am going to try to get better about not waiting 2 weeks between posts... "try" being the key word.


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