March 1, 2011

10 months

Ok, I will be posting a better 10 month post, but I had to let it be known!  Our little one is only 2 months away from being O-N-E!!!!!!!!!!!  (holy-moly, i need to breathe)  One word, three times:
progress, progress, progress
Georgia now...
...has 6 teeth! four on top and two on bottom with two more on the bottom working their way up
...crawls!  But the thing is that she only crawls when she wants some where to pull up.  She can sure motor, but she just wants to pull up and walk.
...talks up a storm
...laughs like crazy
...loves being chase around the coffee table (video to come on that one)
...and you can tell she's really starting to understand what we say to her.

I just love her!
She's sick right now and it makes for two sad parents, but she's a trooper!

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