September 23, 2010

A Tribute to Thursday Night TV

So tonight is a pretty big night in our TV life!  The season premiere of The Office is tonight! This is a big season because it's Steve Carrell's (Michael Scott) last season (this is where you can insert a big, sad, upset face).  Although, we've always been loyal Office fans, we will be even more dedicated to this season!  Can you tell how much we love this show yet?!  I was supposed to go visit the set and meet the cast this past spring with my bestie, Anna, but SOMEBODY (me) was just a bit too prego to fly to L.A.... (i'm still dealing with this, hahaha). But just for fun, if you want to see some HER experience click here and here and also here! It's also the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice! Not to mention i'm going to have to go back and watch Project Runway...

Plus I got my October edition Country Living in the mail yesterday and I'm putting it aside until tomorrow...if that tell's you anything about this night!


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