September 1, 2010

Sweet September

This is definitely a post I could write a million different things on.  I can't tell you how much I love Fall.  I know Fall doesn't officially start until September 21 (yes, it's marked on my calendar), and i know it's still a million degrees outside, but... IT'S SEPTEMBER!!!  My fourth favorite month of the year behind
#1: August (Birthday month)
#2 December (Christmas & the Hub's Birthday month)
#3 November (Thanksgiving and the best part of College Football)
Who knew I had my months listed in order until I started writing this blog!

September starts the three lovely F's: Fall, Football, & Fashion!!!
Fall has always ALWAYS been my favorite season because of bonfires, comfortable outdoor cooking (i.e. stew, chili, boiled peanuts, etc.)
And, seriously, seriously...who doesn't love GEORGIA FOOTBALL! Jason is even starting to make his way over from the dark side... carolina...
I'm so glad he has seen the light
Fall Fashion!  Who are we kidding, this is the best season for fashion!  boots, and layering, and scarves ("OH MY!" - I just had to say that)

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