September 17, 2010


I'm beyond excited about this weekend!!!  Jason and I are taking the bean and going to see my parents in Georgia! 

What does this mean, you ask?!  Well, let me tell you...A LOT!  As I might have mentioned before I love Fall, and Fall gets started just a tad earlier where I grew up than it does here.  So that's exciting!  But on the list of things to do are:
Jason going striper fishing with Dad
The great-grandmothers coming over to see and love on the bean
*Ok, Emily has been one of the most special people in the world to me!  She loved me through the embarrassing high school years (so yeah...she gets a prize)!  But our schedules never, i mean NEVER, work out to see each other.  So the bean is meeting my sweet Emmy Lou along with the rest of the amazing Bluster clan on Saturday.  So yeah...I'm just a little excited!*
(and yes, these are both old pictures)

Cooking out all day
Eating lots of boiled peanuts
Watching UGA v. AK
Eating more boiled peanuts by the fire

So have a great weekend, like we're about to have, and I promise to have some fun pictures!



  1. i'm so glad eli is over his mess so we can see you guys! can't wait!

  2. fun post... i know you had a blast with the bluster fam. saw some cute pics over on april's blog:)