June 13, 2009

Update, finally

So we've had a few "complaints" about not updating. We've had SO many things changing in our lives since February. Jason got a job with the city of Newberry Police Dept. which is amazing and such a blessing and confirmation from the Lord. So naturally, we had to move to the city of Newberry. We have some amazing friends here that we had already established friendships with so the move was relatively easy. But guess what...we just bought our FIRST HOUSE! it's so perfect! We'll it needs work, but it's perfect for us! So Jason has been at the police academy and I've been picking out things for the new house! We're also the proud aunt and uncle of Shepherd Cole Vincent. He's amazing! And not only that but my sweet Anna had her first baby boy too!!! Hudson Michael Brown! We haven't gotten to meet Hudson yet but I'm sure he's incredible too! We've just been so blessed, it's so over whelming sometimes!I'm going to try to put up pictures of all these things soon! And I'm going to try to do a little better!

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