February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day!!!

We just had our first Valentine's Day as a married couple and we had SO much fun! Jason planned a surprise for us (although I guessed it early)! He took me to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, then we walked around 5 Points to a bunch of local shops. For dinner he took me to Sato's Japanese Steak House, my favorite! Perfect first Valentine's!

The oldest of the 3 male Silver Backs at the zoo.

They had my favorite animal on the PLANET!!! She's about a foot away from me.

I could swear this lama almost spit at Jason
These are Walabees, I thought they were Kangaroos but whatever.
This was the cutest Koala bear! He was sleeping most of the time so we couldn't get a good picture.
The awesome tiger!
The lion cubs

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