February 8, 2010

Our House- Work!!!

So I know I'm a little late on the "work" portion of our house, but here are some pictures of all the amazing help we had making our house a home!
Colleen and Mom helped get the all the wallpaper stripped and walls prepped for painting week. (Bathroom)
As much as I love some of our ceilings being the old original bead board, it was a pain to scrape, caulk, and paint. But we're glad! (Bathroom)

Then Mom decided at 10:30 p.m. on the first night that she was going to see what was under the wallpaper on the ceiling of the breakfast nook...go figure...MORE BEAD BOARD!

Later that week...still working...Thanks Mrs. Ann!

Learning how to spackle. Not too shabby! (Master Bedroom)
Heather trying to tackle the cranberry dinning room. Such a trooper!

Jon installing ONE of the many things he helped install in our house (shortly before he painted the ceiling).

Colleen branding our Living room wall with our initials

Painting trim pretty late at night (hallway)

Just tired...resting with Kayla

Dad and his crew (Uncle Jim, Bub & Ed) came and built our deck that we LOVE!!!

SOOO excited!

Dad and Marshal ripped off the old, rotting siding and framed a new spot for a window in the laundry room

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