January 20, 2010

Sorry for the delay!

Hey Everybody!

I have to say since our last post life has been a little CRAZY! But it's been the BEST kind of crazy we could have ever imagined. Jason and I are expecting a precious little girl on April 25!!! Honestly, we could not be happier right now. We feel so unbelievably blessed and talk all the time about how we are just floored by how good God really is. We've had a fun fall and winter and are looking forward to this year of 1st's!!! Here are a few pictures through out and I'll try to find some more!

This is our Christmas picture from this year. I'm 20 weeks in this picture (and about 3 days away from finding out if it was a boy or a girl).

Jason decided to take a picture when I was decorating the Christmas tree, looking my BEST! Here I'm about 19 weeks. You can see my belly a little better than the last picture.

We aren't the only ones expecting a bundle of joy this April! This is Catherine, one of my dear friends, who is married to one of Jason's oldest friends, Shay, and they are expecting their 2nd little girl 4 days before us! Here she's holding Jason's god-son, Lucas Banks, who also happens to be Catherine's nephew. I'm sure this is confusing, hahaha, just one big family! I think we're about 14 or 15 weeks, I really can't remember.

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