December 15, 2008


So, we've tried to keep everybody as up to date on our lives as we can. But we thought a blog might be a good way to keep in touch. We've been having so much fun as Mr. and Mrs. Vincent and just really enjoying this time together. We had a blast on our honeymoon and then again in Bermuda with the other Vincents later in the summer. I'll try to post a few pictures from each trip soon. We've also celebrated some of our first holidays together; both of our birthdays and Thanksgiving. And me being the Christmas nut that I am, I can't WAIT for Christmas! We got our first Christmas tree and decorated it (actually Jason 'let' me decorate it, haha). I'm really enjoying my job at First Palmetto Savings Bank. It's bee a good way for Jason and I to meet people in our age group (and yes, there are people in Camden that aren't in retirement). But so far, so good! I'm sure I'll have MUCH more to share soon, but with this being our first blog we're just getting started!
July 2008

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